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Welcome to my site! My name is Stijn and I graduated from the performance course at the Maastricht Theater Academy in 2016. Since then I have been creating and writing theater performances, installations and social interventions, in which the encounter is central. Because we do not always have the time, energy or resources in our lives to discover new perspectives, I like to create the framework in my work to do so.

My work is usually in public spaces. Our shared space. This is the place where we meet and our stories are formed. My work is therefore strongly related to that shared space and the place we (jointly) occupy in it.




I focus on theatre that connects and shows real stories. Where you see 'humans', in all their vulnerabilities. I strive to create moments where we can let go and be open to new discoveries. I always question life and the way we live it emotionally or socially. Somehow that always ends up with 'being in the now'. The only moment where connection and contact are possible.

34_OnsEilandRepetitie_KVV_September 13, 2023DSCF1247.jpg


The theater performance Ons Eiland (our island) was created in the neighborhood Woensel-West in Eindhoven. The residents play the leading role and the neighborhood is the backdrop.

As a spectator you walk a route through the neighborhood. You visit living rooms, a backyard and the community building in the middle of the neighborhood. A different story unfolds at each location. A story from behind the front door. This way you get to know the residents of Woensel-West in a special way.



the podcast

The 3D audio theatre walk Boterbazen has been adapted and can also be listened to as a podcast . This walking podcast is accessible to everyone and can be listened to for free.
In about 1 hour you walk through the center of Oss and you are invited to look at the city differently. So it is not your standard city walk with historical facts, but you will be taken into a story written especially for this purpose, inspired by interviews with residents from Oss.



Boterbazen is a 3D audio theatre walk in the center of Oss. You walk with headphones on along various historical places and buildings in Oss. The city center serves as the scenery and radiant center of the walk. Through the combination of audio, music, theater and dance you get to know the city in a different way. You come to places you have never been before or have passed by hundreds of times and are invited to see these places with different eyes.



The performance 'STROOM' (stream) is an attempt to make the inner monologue, a STREAM of thoughts, audible and a quest to let go of it in order to be present. You are taken into a STREAM of words that reveal an inner world and you follow the actor in his quest to let go of thoughts and arrive in the now.

Kopie van ATOOM.jpg


The performance ATOOM (atom) searches for connection. How were and are we connected to each other? It tells the atomic story. The beginning. The origin of everything. How the atoms came into existence and have had billions of lives in the first plants, animals, dinosaurs, in Albert Einstein, Hitler and ultimately in everything that lives today. It builds a bridge to the now. How are we still connected to each other in this day and age? And can we still become aware of that connection?

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