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A location theater performance in Woensel-West, Eindhoven.

The theater performance Ons Eiland (our island) was created in the neighborhood Woensel-West in Eindhoven. The residents play the leading role and the neighborhood is the backdrop.

As a spectator you walk a route through the neighborhood. You visit living rooms, a backyard and the community building in the middle of the neighborhood. A different story unfolds at each location. A story from behind the front door. This way you get to know the residents of Woensel-West in a special way.

Ons Eiland is a project by social design collective Tante Netty. The aim of the project is to pay attention to connections in the neighborhood. By sharing stories we create more contact and understanding. Various authentic and new local residents were interviewed during the process . Their stories formed the basis for the script of the performance.

60_OnsEiland_KasVanVliet_September 24, 2023DSCF4289.jpg

In September 2023, Ons Eiland played 6 times and more than 250 visitors walked along the theater route. A total of 30 (leisure) players, guides and volunteers were involved in the production.


Watch the aftermovie here

37_OnsEilandRepetitie_KVV_September 13, 2023DSCF1340.jpg


Concept, text & directing:
Business leader Tante Netty:
Extra director:


Stijn van Erp

Lian Kroes

Henriëtte Tomassen

Oscar de Boer

Luka Kooijmans

Kas van Vliet

Jelle Klokman / Velcromedia



Loubna Bakra, Siebe Boink, Julia Boink, Leon Bongers, Noorsien Feghouli, Joke Frencken, Bob Jacobs, Jesper Leferink, Janneke Houwaard, Patty Jager, Tineke Pelupessy, Vincent Robert, Marcel Roelfsema, Peer Roossen, Dré Saanen, Anne van der Steen & Jeroen Vervoort

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