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A solo performance about the search for connection

The performance ATOOM (atom) looks for connection. How were and are we connected to each other? It tells the atomic story. The beginning. The origin of everything. How the atoms came into existence and have had billions of lives in the first plants, animals, dinosaurs, in Albert Einstein, Hitler and ultimately in everything that lives today. It builds a bridge to the now. How are we still connected to each other in this day and age? And can we still become aware of that connection?


The story during the performance is told by different people from the city. Their voices were recorded in the days before the performance was performed. All these people walked past the same place at a different time. Those people may have just missed each other in real life, but their voices are connected in the audio and tell the same story. In times of loneliness, growing individualism and polarization, the performance tries to highlight our core and offer comfort.

In February 2020, ATOOM played 6 times. Including at the living room festival Chambres d'O in Ostend. More than 150 people attended the performance.



Concept and acting:
Coach and director:
Thanks to:


Stijn van Erp

Merel Smitt

Adam Tenorio

Liv Laveijne, Time Window Rotterdam, Bibliotheek Rotterdam


00:00 / 03:55

Listen to an audio fragment from the performance here

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