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An attempt to make the STREAM of words in a head audible


Countless thoughts go through our minds every day. About all sorts of things. Every moment of the day, everywhere we go, we think something. Fragments of sentences, images we once saw, judgments, analytical questions. You may also wander off when reading this text. To a memory from your youth, or a fantasy in the future. There is a whole world inside us. There is a constant stream of thoughts in everything we do.

When the first lockdown started in March 2020, I ended up at home and suddenly didn't have to do anything anymore, I actually only became aware of this constant stream of thoughts. And I realized how it took me out of the moment and made me wander to another time or place.


The performance STROOM (stream) is an attempt to make that inner monologue, a STREAM of thoughts, audible and a quest to let go of it. You are taken into a STREAM of words that reveal an inner world and you follow the actor in his quest to let go of thoughts and arrive in the now.

STROOM played at the Cultuurklunen festival in Oss and the Window for opportunity festival in Rotterdam in October 2021. It was made possible by the Droom & Daad Foundation.



Concept en acting







Thanks to:

Stijn van Erp

Stijn van Erp

Eva van Boxtel

Adam Tenorio

Hendrik Aerts

Daan Vries & Ton Hendriks

Eyequote fotografie

Stichting Droom & Daad, Stichting Oss cultureel,
Time Window Rotterdam, Marjolein Buijs


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