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Photos by Adam Tenorio


STROOM (stream) is a monologue about the stream of thoughts in a head. It is a stream of words that want to express an inner world, and tries to make it hearable for everyone. 

STROOM is a recognizable spectacle about thoughts that can go in every direction, that determine our mood, and shape the way we see the world. It is a desire to let go more, being more in the now. 
During the performance recordings of thoughts from people in the city, that were recorded in the weeks before the performance, will be played. There arises a stream of different voices, that all give a glimpse into themselves. It is a chaotic highlight, before a moment of silence. 


s p e e l d a t a 

Donderdag 7 oktober 2021 | 20:00 uur & 21:00 uur
Festival Cultuurklunen, Oss

Zaterdag 30 oktober 2021 | 20:00 uur
Window of opportunity festival | Studio de bakkerij, Rotterdam

Bekijk hier de registratie van STROOM

c r e d i t s 

Concept en spel: Stijn van Erp
Coaching: Eva van Boxtel

Promotiebeeld: Adam Tenorio
: Hendrik Aerts
Registratie: Daan Vries, Ton Hendriks
Foto's: Eyequote fotografie
Met dank aan: Stichting Droom & Daad, Stichting Oss cultureel,
Time Window Rotterdam, Marjolein Buijs

Foto's door Eyequote fotografie

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