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A 3D audio theatre walk in the center of Oss.

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During the theater performance Boterbazen you walk with headphones along various historical places and buildings in Oss. Through the combination of audio, music, theater and dance you get to know the city in a different way. You start your route at the Groene Engel music venue.

The Osse city center serves as the scenery and radiant center of the walk. You come to places you have never been before or have passed by hundreds of times and are invited to see these places with different eyes. You will be taken through a story written especially for this purpose, inspired by the rich history of Osse. A history with a lot of industry, hard work and no whining.

Boterbazen is a project of Stichting Oss Cultureel. The aim of the project was to pay attention to the repurposing in the city. During the process, various young and old residents of Oss were interviewed about their experience of the city. These stories are incorporated into the story you hear in the performance.


Boterbazen played in the summer of 2022 34 times and more than 1400 visitors walked along the theater route. More than 80 (leisure) players, dancers and volunteers were involved in the project.

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Watch the aftermovie here

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Team productional

Business & artistic lead SOC

Marjolein Buijs


Stijn van Erp


Anneloes Ebing

Volunteer coordinator:

Tessa van Helvoirt

PR & communication:

Jessica Keijzer Nab

Image en logo Boterbazen:

Lonneke Hogstede

Board Oss cultureel:

Til van Rooij, Vanessa Duterloo, Anja Vos, Erwin van Erp, Frans van Tilburg en Nynke Blauw

Software audiotour:

Ron Spierings


Frans de Visser


Thomas Segers & Ronald Goudberg


Vidox Media

Team artistic

Artistic lead: 






Artwork Arendstraat & stage image:

Stijn van Erp

Stijn van Erp, Marjolein Buijs

Frans de Visser

Marloes Berghege, Angelo Schuurmans & Stijn van Erp

Stijn van Erp

Marjolein Buijs, Ton Hendriks

Patrick Lijdsman



Title song:

Outside eye:

Voice over:

Zoë Fransen, Dimphy van Alphen

Sandra Kemkens

Jesper Hoekstra, Iris van Nuland

Peerke Malschaert, Letizia Rompelberg

Nol de Visser, Anouk van den Berg
en Igo Duterloo

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