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Other work

In addition to working in the theater, I am also involved in other projects or organizations. The work mainly focuses on project management, teaching or developing teaching materials.


Tante Netty

The Tante Netty Foundation connects artists to social issues or problems. To arrive at creative solutions. I work for this foundation as project leader of the Studio Woensel-West project. We take 10 Eindhoven young people into creativity and cultural entrepreneurship.


I work as a theatre teacher for the SKVR. I teach improvisation courses to adults, presentation workshops, job applications and other social skills at secondary and secondary vocational education and I perform the Mega Maffe Music Quiz in the children's show at various primary schools in Rotterdam.

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Thuis in Oss

Stichting Thuis in Oss coordinates the reception of asylum seekers in Oss. For this foundation I was asked to set up a teaching program with theater as an entrance for the residents of the shelter. I gave weekly theater lessons, where not language, but movement and imagination were central.

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