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Wat als je nu was?

We're living in busy times, we work a lot, we sport, plan all kinds of things, and in the meantime we try to keep up with our friends. We endure a lot of stimulus during the day and if we're coming home after a long day and want to rest, we drown in our smartphones. 
Theatregroup 'Toch nog" researches being in the now. What is becoming an escape in our busy, on production based, society, and slowly becomes a product itself, with yoga classes and mindfulness programs. What does it mean to be in the now? And how do we get there? Will we succeed to stay there, or will we get bored? And what happens to us when we fall out of it again? 

Wat als je nu was?' (What if you were now?) was made in co-production with theatregroup 'Toch nog', from The Hague and played in July 2019 at theatrefestival Taribush Kuna in Dwingeloo.

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