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Wat als je nu was_

Wat als je nu was?

We live in a time of hustle and bustle, we work a lot, we exercise, plan all kinds of appointments, and in between we try to keep up with our friendships. We receive many stimuli throughout the day and when we want to rest after a long and busy day, we drown in our phone. Theater group Toch Nog investigates the moment “now” in today's society. The moment now that is increasingly serving as a refuge in our overstimulated society, but is also being presented as a product with yoga classes and mindfulness programs. What does it mean to be in the now? And how on earth do you get there? Will we be able to stay in the present, or will we be bored? What happens when we are in the now? And what happens when we go out again? And is that interesting to look at?

'Wat als je nu was?' was made in collaboration with theater group ' Toch nog ', from The Hague and played at the Taribush Kuna festival in Dwingeloo in July 2019.

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