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t h e h u m a n b o d y 
Door: Stijn van Erp 2020

The human body.

A complex and intriguing system of different parts.
Muscles, a bit of skin, organs, bones, cells, tissue, some vessels.
Every part has their own job to do and system to work in,
but with one common goal:

To keep the body alive.

As you are reading this text, your body does the work for you.
Right now it’s pounding blood around to its main organs, and the out sticking parts of your body.
Oxygen is being transmitted with every breath you take.
Cells are destroying unfamiliar bacteria.
And the food that you ate for lunch or dinner is being processed right now and slowly becoming new parts of your body.
There is a constant cycle of movements inside you, every second of the day, everywhere you go.
Even though you sometimes don’t feel like moving, but after a long day you just rather lay on the couch eating chocolate watching Netflix, you already move.
Your body does.
Allowing you to be, at places
To move from one place to the next.
And back.
To work.
To laugh, live and love.
To lay on the couch, or sit in an audience.
To surprise, wonder and watch.
To party.
To dance.
To move your body to the beat of the music.
When the inner movements, become the outer movements.

When you hear the beat.
You feel the rhythm,

You follow the melody.
You maybe sing a little bit.

Your foot starts to tap on the floor.

Your finger taps on your pants.
Your head starts to nod.
Eyes open

A careful smile

Muscles loosen

You move your hips over there,
a leg over there.

A hand spins, an arm follows.

The head bounces,

Shoulders rolling

Hipps wiggle.
The chest joins

And you’re dancing.
You are dancing

Your body is dancing.
Blending in the moment
Melting in the movements
Losing itself in the music
And for a tiny glance in time
It is forgetting everything else.

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