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Library notes

Expected 2021

The library is a collection of language. Billions of words and phrases stand side by side on the shelves . One more beautiful than the other, the other more appreciated than another one. Some not been read for years, others constantly on someone's bedside table.

Library notes is an art project between the books, literally between the pages of books in a library. An almost secret happening that is purely coincidental. For this project, small cards are hidden between the pages of books in a library, waiting to be found by the reader of the book. On the card they are asked to write one sentence from the book on the back of the card. A sentence that moved him or her, made him or her laugh, made him or her think, or is simply worth sharing. In this way, the cards themselves become small works of art, where the power of the library emerges. Sharing language.

Eventually all tickets will be collected and put on display. All sentences on the cards will be formed into a new book about the project and placed in the library.

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