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An empty performance

A theatre performance about the worthless things around us

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An empty performance is an attempt to give value to the 'worthless' things around us. It is a quest to learn to look differently. The performance takes place on location, an abandoned house, an abandoned school or vacant office building. You step into the empty room, there is a small light so you can find your place, when it goes out you can't see anything anymore. You are in a big black void. A voice speaks. An experience is created with language and images.

During the performance, little bits of light from outside are admitted to the darkness, little by little. A darkness that can be both comfortable and frightening. The space, worthless and meaningless at first glance, becomes increasingly visible.


A line of objects is displayed on the floor. It's all the objects left in space. Things that people forgot such as notes, hair clips, dolls. It is listed what makes this space characteristic, where there are signs of life. Every detail of the room is mentioned, making the room come alive.

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Concept en acting




Thanks to:

Stijn van Erp

Stijn van Erp

Peter Misotten

Stijn van Erp

Toneelacademie Maastricht, Peter Pluymen, Liv Laveijne & Anne van Helvoort.


An empty performance played at the living room festival Chambres d'O Oostende 2016. The performance was performed 7 times in total. More than 150 people visited the performance.

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