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A live performance is an attempt to create a moment of real connection between performer and audience. There is no conventional theatresetting, the audience is standing in a circle around the performer and enclose him in a row of people watching him. The unconventional setting has something uncomfortable and vulnerable. Everyone can look each other in the eye, there is no escape for performer nor audience. 

In the performance the performer makes eyecontact with everyone for a while, even asks some of them a question, and tries to make a real connection. Trying to give his all, without pretension. During the performance the audience is being asked to step forward, over and over again untill at the end, performer and audience are only several inches away from each other. 

The performance is a quest for what it means to make a real connection and to put that on a stage. When is something real, how can one be real, and how can you let go?

A live performance has played on different festival in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

Fragment from a Belgian newspaper 'De standaard' August 4th 2015.

"...And that's because 'A live performance' is so special. Stijn van Erp looks his bystanders vulnerably in the eyes, puts down his own fear of a real connection. 'Can I ask you something?' His tears are real. And so are the ones from the audience. Nothing so special as a young man that breaks."

c r e d i t s 

Concept and execution: Stijn van Erp
Artistic coaching: Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens
Pr image: Anne van Helvoort
Thanks to: Theatre academy Maastricht

c r e d i t s 

Concept en uitvoering: Stijn van Erp
Artistieke coaching: Quirine Racké, Helena Muskens
Promotiebeeld: Anne van Helvoort
Met dank aan: Toneelacademie Maastricht

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