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A live performance

A theater performance about making real contact

A live performance is an attempt to make real contact. It is a search for allowing vulnerability. During the performance, the audience stands in a circle around the performer. The performer looks at them one by one in an attempt to make contact with that person. Some people are asked a question. During the performance, the audience is asked several times to take a step forward, which reduces the distance between performer and audience. The performance ends at an intimate distance from each other and the question whether the last person looked at would like to give a hug.


Since 2015, A live performance has played more than 25 times in theaters or at festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium. At Theater aan Zee, Frascati Amsterdam, de nieuwe vorst Tilburg & De Spil Roeselare. More than 750 spectators attended the performance

A live performance_edited.jpg


Concept en acting




Thanks to:

Stijn van Erp

Stijn van Erp

Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens

Anne van Helvoort

Toneelacademie Maastricht, Theater Aan Zee, De Spil & Frascati Theater


"...And that is precisely why 'A live performance' is so special. Vulnerably, Stijn van Erp looks all his bystanders in the eyes, completely discarding his own fear of sincere contact. 'Can I ask you something?' His tears are real. So are those in the audience. There is nothing more touching than a young man breaking down."

Excerpt from De Standaard, August 4, 2015

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