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a b e g i n n i n g 
Door: Stijn van Erp 2019


When we begin something,
We have to end something else.

Something always gets lost when we begin something.

When the night begins, the day ends.
When we begin sleeping, we end being awake.

When you began reading, you ended something else.

You maybe ended watching the tv that is on.
Maybe you ended that thought you were thinking about.
Ended thinking about that list of things in your head that you still need to do.
Maybe you ended listening to the music you were listening to.
You lost oppurtunities.
You lost the opportunity to see what is happening outside now.
You lost the opportunity to read another article on the internet in this moment.
You lost the opportunity to pay attention to you breath at this point.
All by beginning.

I ended things as well when I began to write this.
I ended making myself breakfast, as I wanted to write this.
I ended typing a whatsapp text.
I ended a blanc page on my screen.
I ended an empty spot on my page as I uploaded this to my website page.

At the same time we gain when we begin.
When we begin sleeping we start resting, or dreaming.
When we begin eating we start tasting, liking or disliking, and living while we fill our stomach.
When I begin writing I gain words, sentences, a story.
When you begin reading, you begin thinking, connecting, questioning, liking, or disliking.

We start to have a connection where we both have lost something
but gained by beginning
and shared a moment of our day
in this text.

And when you end this, something else will begin.
you can begin something new,
something you never did,

or something you already wanted to do for so long.

A new beginning is almost beginning.

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