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20 euro project

Expected: 2021

2 years ago, while working as a waiter in a restaurant, I started talking to a German couple. They were very pleased with the restaurant and the food and because it wasn't very busy we had time to find out more about each other. At the end of the evening, when the couple had just paid and left, the German man came back into the restaurant and put a 20 euro bill in my hand. As he handed it to me he told me to use this money for something that would bring me closer to my heart. It was not intended as a tip for me and my colleagues, I had to keep this myself.

For a long time I thought about what I could do with the 20 euros. A good book or a good bottle of wine seemed nice and tasty, but for me it did not quite cover the meaning of the now meaningful note. I left the blue piece of paper under a book on my bookshelf and then forgot about it.

When I found it again 2 years later, passing on this message seemed like the best way to spend the money. The 20 euro project gives random people 20 euro with the same assignment as the one I received. Do something with this that will bring you closer to your heart, that makes you happy, that you long for. The only thing I ask in return is a representation of what has been purchased or done with it in the form of an image or word.

It makes me aware of what is important to me, what money is worth, and ultimately what has real value. What is the value of the money we have in our wallets? Can we buy our happiness with it? 

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